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Charlie Issues

I would rate higher, but there’s an issue with Charlie. His sounds have been replaced with Krasue sounds. It’s really weird, think you can fix it? Thanks!

I 100/10 recommend this game!!

I LOVE THIS GAME! My friends and I always huddle around each other and watch each other play this game. Every time it says RUN! we all scream and jump out of horror. This is such a thrilling game and is perfect for those who want the adventure and scare. Eyes is such a unique plot that it makes it hard to turn away from the game. The thing I wish it had is a multiplayer mode where one person is the robber and the other person is the monster, and that this mode would be free. Other than that this game is absolutely amazing. A really nice feature that most horror games, or even normal games don’t have, is the levels from newbie to nightmare and all the way in between. If it’s your first time playing, no problem! Eyes has an amazing mode called sandbox. This alloys you to go through the entire house or hospital without the monster. This is such and amazing game and I 100/10 recommend it!!!

Ideas for updates

First you should add weapons like a chainsaw or death matchine or even counter duals and health you should also add police who try to catch You for attempt of robbery you should also add zombies and a addic where the demons take you to kill you, there should also be a ability to create a map, you should also make it so you have shiny armor and accessories, also make a option for you to be a monster who gourds the mainsion from robbers, please listen to me and add these.

Is charlie really a among demon

I know a lot about ROBLOX scary elevator and there is this floor where your stuck in elevator and this dead people which are hanging on the ceiling then a weird noise from this game is on that floor so that probably means that the demon is Charlie

Please, multiplayer

You guys should make a multiplayer option to where One person is the ghost and the others are the people breaking in.

I love this game

Because I love horror games and they scared me because I unlock good boy dog and Charlie and double trouble and the hospital I’m good at easy and normal because nightmare mode is super hard but the flashlight glitch and the stuff and the phone Is scary

Spooky game with good controls

Awesome game. The only thing that could be improved are the icons on the sides. They are cut off by the notch on iPhone X. Aside from that this game is really well made. Good job dev.

School map

Pls update the game and release the school map

For next update

Add a triple trouble mode where krasue Charlie and good boy band together to hunt you and add the new school level because I’m really anxious and curious so plz add it next update and that’s all!


Okay this is probably the best horror app ever and the updates are amazing But one is that it’s pretty lonely this game would be my favorite if you added multiplayer but I still LOVE this game


Yo this game make me jump

Bring the ballet dancer back from when this first came out

Love the game but can you bring back ballet dancer as another monster if you plan on updating it soon she was fun


Graphics and controlling are cool for iPhone.

Amazing and ways it can be better

I’ve been playing this game for years and I still can’t get over how good it is and always has been! But you need to add a huge game changer. Something that will make this game more popular than it has ever been! I think local or online multiplayer would add some spice too it. Maybe a few new maps could do well. I’ve really been wanting a new way to play and if you could make a new game mode I would play this way more than I already do! Also can you update the pc version lol.

Some suggestions from a veteran player

I’ve been with this game since the ghost was a full translucent figure and the initial scare sounded like a hoover vacuum, and it’s grown into something amazing, immersive and horrifying. Although this game is sheer brilliance, it has it’s quirks. For instance, the bags of money. It isn’t exactly realistic to see an over-sized bag of cash inside an abandoned house, or even a mansion. So I was thinking, maybe the bags could be converted into stacks of cash or small boxes, and maybe change where they spawn: inside things, on things(occasionally), in drawers, cabinets, shelves, maybe a secret vault—anything is possible as a developer.

ITs time for a scare

This is my favorite game if I get on my phone this is the game to play I JUst Love it thanks for creating it this is better than granny

Amazing horror game.

This is probably one of the most addicting horror games I’ve ever played. I hope there will be more monsters added (maybe one that can actually enter the rooms) and maybe some power ups you can purchase with the coins you get while playing. I also hope that you are able to customize the face of the other monsters as well. This a very good game. Definitely worth the money.

Love the game

I love this game but i don't play it a lot because i was so scared of it i like the controls and the graphics. Well done! The thing that scared me the most was the noises and moaning music during the game. I was freaked out to wander around the house.


This game is incredible and well made


The game is amazing and so entertaining

This game grew so fast

I loved this game as a kid now looking back at it. It has changed I was impressed with hiding mechanics but there was no crouch button so you couldn’t hide almost anywhere you wanted please add a crouch mechanic and also can the monsters get a field of view cuz I want it to be where your behind a monster and there’s a room you need to get into you go in there and get in but I feel like they can see you behind I want it like realistic view

This game is okay but I still LOVE IT

I love horror games and this is one of my favs it’s just that I don’t like the fact that the ghost can sometimes glitch threw things and get you! Also when I used to play this on my iPad I had unlocked the hospital map just whenever I went to use the hospital map it wouldn’t let me it would just glitch me out of the whole dang game!! So then I had to start all over on my phone to get the hospital map!! The things I like about this game is that there is a newbie mode along with a nightmare mode! Also they had added the new create a ghost and I LOVE IT I use it all the time and I put a really ugly picture of my sisters face on Krause and then do a ugly voice it’s pretty funny!! I’ve been playing eyes since the original ghost was out before krasue and let me tell u that was a pretty big update for eyes fans when they replaced that ghost with the body less krasue!! So yeah this game will hopefully add a multiplayer mod where someone’s the monster and then someone else is the robber! So then you could connect to someone else’s device so u could play together!!Also PLEASE add more maps and monsters I’m working on getting good boy but hopefully there will be even more monsters to choose from later!! ONE LAST THING this game has SOOO many adds it makes the game less scary please just quit the adds cause if your gonna make us buy a thing that will remove the adds that’s just bull

This game is cool

It’s cool because it is a very scary game and you get jumpscared.ALOT be careful playing at night

Awesome game a I have a suggestion

This game is so awesome and fun but I’m curious do you think you could make it so you could have a custom face on the double trouble level and for Charlie please

I’m fuming tho



I love you so much that I wanted to see you level of the new map

I do find this game fun but a suggestion

So I’ve known this game for some time and I find it quite nice still as it’s improved since 2012 I believe, however I wondered mostly about a multiplayer mode with many game options like different materials from different versions that can be added in a multiplayer game, along with having a chance in multiplayer games there can be more people playing as some ghosts as well.

Best horror game on mobile, I have some suggestions

I would like to say that this game is such a great horror game for mobile. From all of the different ways you can interact with things in the levels and all of the different game modes you can play too. I love that you added sandbox so I can get to know the maps better without something trying to kill me. There is so much variety in this game and it is amazing. I can't wait for new maps to play in which would only make the game better. I also really like the new menu in this update. A lot better than the old one. Even though this is a horror game I can always have a good laugh when creating my own monster. One thing that would be nice to squeeze in with everything else in the game is a multiplayer mode. You know, one person is the monster and let's say a maximum of five people are trying to get all of the bags. You would need to make bigger maps for that of course. Maybe on some of the new maps you can go outside. I think that would be pretty cool. Like a map that is a big backyard with a maze in it. Maybe a few new monsters with some unique abilities could be added in the game too. You might not see this, but please take these suggestions into consideration, thank you for this game.

Supa dupa scwawy

So scary im gonna have nightmares for infinite years.

Easter egg

If you go to a room upstairs that looks like an office, you’ll find a telephone that after a few seconds will ring. If you click it and listen, it’s something backwards. I got bored one day so I recorded it so i could reverse it and see what it said. It was the creepiest thing ever! I totally suggest seeing what it says for yourself. It’ll completely changes the feel of the game.

What the what

When I freakin updated this I had charlie and when the update was finished I saw charlie and it was 500 coin what the what


Really fun but not that scary 👎

The horror house

I think that it is a great game for a kid that wants a good scary game

Trash I expected more not even scary

Trash I expected more not even scary


I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I love the fact that you can make your own ghost, and make a custom sound for it. I gave the ghost my friend’s face and gave it a farting noise. It had me laughing for the whole day! 😀😀😀

Cool 😎

So good to play upgrade it

love it

I love this game it is so much fun. I really like the update it makes me and my friends laugh so hard. I thought granny was better lol. I like to fart when I make the noise for the make your own character then every time your close to Krasue you hear a big old fart.😁😆👌🏻👯‍♀️🤣😂😝🤪

Great but...

On android phones I wouldn’t recommend it’s kinda hard to control. On iOS it’s amazing!!!


This needs multiplayer it would be soooo cool if they could add it but the thing is it’s a good game


Okay soo this game is so fun and somewhat scary but not really I’m just a scardy cat🤷‍♀️You need to get this game!!!

Purchase problem

So I’ve been playing this game to earn 500 coins to purchase the hospital map. I earned 515 coins. And when I went to purchase the hospital it wants me to buy it with real money. Please fix.


Stopped playing after 5 minutes. Glad it was free

This is pretty good

This is a pretty good game. Me and my best frend play it togethr now and it is VERY scary and makes me jump. Have a good time😇😈


I think this game was scary which was the point and it really nailed the jump scares and I really got scared and that is how you misjudge horror did you get scared?



Amazing and scary

This was anazing and also my first time I played, u screamed a little it’s very fun but I wish u could have a bunch of levels and ghost to choose from and that u could run but that’s all

I don’t have the game

I like Eyes bc you use them to see, eat carrots

Please add multiplayer

Please add multiplayer or online like whobthe ghost and he/she get add there own face if wanted to so please add multiplayer or online with chat :3 and it fun!

I’m so scared

I love that it makes me want to come to my Friends house for her to go play it to. P.S. I Oh most peed my pants

A real butt clencher

This game is really fun and suspenseful, just one small problem. In the mansion my ghost just sits in one corner of a hallway and I can get through without getting killed. Maybe I’m just a bit slow and I need to lure him away, but all in all, the game is fun.

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